Monday, July 12, 2010

Tears can also be detected with blood sugar?

According to the latest research shows that the United States, tears which also contains sugar, sugar in the detection of tears can also accurately reflect blood glucose levels.

The latest research shows that the tears of diabetic patients also contain sugar and can be very accurately reflects the blood sugar level.

According to Reuters, the United States Institute of Ophthalmology, Indiana, Dr. Chatterjee 200 patients studied, hoping to find the tears and blood that may exist between the various connections. The results, Dr. Chatterjee found that tears in the sugar content and sugar content is very close. Not only that, when the body's blood sugar levels change, the tears in the sugar content will also change accordingly.

For diabetic patients, this is good news, because the cost of tears sugar testing should be far lower than blood tests, and does not hurt. Dr. Chatterjee hoped that continuously improve the technology to be extended to a wider range.

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