Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Do affect the sex life of diabetic patients

One has plagued hundreds of thousands of problems with diabetes - diabetes affect you sex life, the recent concern. Diabetes affects you in this issue of life is more intimate, personal problems, people are generally unwilling to affect the sex life of diabetic you will be very embarrassing problem that figures on the table to ask, and now diabetes affect sex life you had been concerned about , demonstrate that diabetes affects you sex life has become an urgent need to answer, solve a problem. Now let us into the sex life of diabetic patients, in the end is in the end to see how to implement the third ring to avoid the impact of diabetes on sexual life.

Diabetes affect sex? A ring of ignorance

Understand the impact of diabetes on sex. As the saying goes, know ourselves to win every battle've only really understand in the end have diabetes on what aspects of the impact, we can discover, for better prevention and treatment is not it? Early manifestation of diabetes affect sex life as men, erectile dysfunction, or the time required for erection longer, everyone has their own different presenting symptoms, but these symptoms do not affect the sexual life of patients with daily, some patients also regard Zhexie symptoms attributed to age, physical and other factors, and will not be too concerned about; diabetes affect sex life will develop into a mid-term general decline in sexual desire in patients, firm erection is substantially decreased the development of diabetes affect the sexual life to the last patient might have completely lost capacity for sexual intercourse. So want to know you diabetes affect sexual life, first of all start to understand the impact of diabetes on sex start for early detection, early treatment.

Diabetes affect sex? Two ring anxiety

Diabetes affects sexual life to have a very bad fact "dead" cycle, the average diabetic people learned that he had sexual dysfunction occur, often exhibit irritability, anxiety, depression, depressed, in fact, this is understandable, only human Well but this is not a long-term control of negative emotions, if sustained, would further aggravate the condition, Flirt life is getting away, oh. So you, diabetes will affect the sex life, the key is to look at your heart.

Diabetes affect sex? Three ring negligence

Control of diabetes, can truly grasp the nature of happiness. Once diabetes is not well-controlled conditions, it would appear hypertension, coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular disease and a series of diabetes complications and to deal with these difficult diseases, into anti-hypertensive drugs, diuretics and antidepressants approach is inevitable, although these drugs can help to condition, but the negative reaction may cause impotence. Control diabetes, control of diabetes and vascular disease, but also for a vital sex life with diabetes a subject, once the effects of diabetic vascular disease to the small blood vessels in the penis, erectile dysfunction or erection is not very common.

Diabetes affect sex? In addition to the three ring need to implement diabetes among the best to go as far as possible into the social life, so is useful for the treatment of diabetes, and for sexual health is also very important.

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