Friday, July 9, 2010

Diabetes causes the seven "point"

Eat a little more

In China, with the improvement of living standards, long-term irregular irrational diet, high fat, high protein, high-energy lead to obesity, causing insulin long-term, spend months in a state of intense work, over time, in vivo insulin appeared resistance, elevated blood sugar are followed. Clinically, many patients say: "Everyone says this genetic disease, our household never get the disease, will it be me?" Is the truth. That the disease in addition to genetic factors, more is due to overeating Feigan, caused by excessive eating lavish meals rich man's disease. Therefore, in order to combat diabetes, should be as far as possible the diversity of food, eat plenty of coarse grains. The principle of a reasonable diet is nutritional balance, eating species diversity, scientific computing total calories, high fiber, low salt, alcohol and ban sweets.

Multi-bit virtual

Diabetes in Chinese medicine as "Diabetes", the deficiency of its pathogenesis is hot. That the deficiency disease-oriented, hot as the standard, the last Qiyinliangxu Erzhi Diabetes. As the accelerated pace of modern social life is often the cause of the climbing, the body in the landslide, they are often very young man appeared in physical deficiency, too much of Yin Ye, resulting in heat can not be promptly eliminated from the body, long lead to diabetes.

Exercise too little

A new study concluded that regular activity to activity than those who do not often life long, have less risk of diabetes. Expert advice, usually starting from the low-intensity exercise, and then gradually into the moderate-intensity exercise. According to expert studies, the diabetic patients, appropriate exercise can increase insulin sensitivity in tissues, thereby increasing blood glucose utilization, to reduce blood sugar. Some patients with exercise training with diet therapy, even at the normal level of glucose. Even moderate and severe diabetes, as long as proper exercise and also help improve conditions.

Sleep a bit late

Lack of sleep disorders and the close relationship between glycemic control, particularly in patients with type 2 diabetes will increase sleep condition. 161 researchers on the study of type 2 diabetes, found that sleep duration and sleep quality directly affects the condition of people with diabetes are often unable to sleep or poor sleep quality in patients with unstable blood glucose. Experts believe that the quality of sleep in modern society in general decline, the result can not be excluded that type 2 diabetes epidemic is a major factor.

Little body fat

On the surface, obesity and diabetes is independent of the two diseases, obesity does not necessarily have diabetes, diabetic patients were tested are not necessarily obese. But now there's evidence to support the many closely related to obesity and diabetes, obesity is a major diabetes risk factors. Epidemiological evidence shows that the more severe the degree of obesity, the higher the probability of diabetes. Moderately high incidence of diabetes, obesity in the same year 4 times the normal weight, while the high incidence rate of diabetes in obese normal-weight 21 times, while 90% of diabetic patients were obese. Long-standing regular exercise to lose weight can increase lipolysis, increase the amount of insulin and improve insulin sensitivity. Help prevent diabetes.

More than a little depressed

Competitive modern society, heart pressure, long depressed is a factor in causing diabetes. Study found that poor emotional and mental factors are important pathogenic diabetes "culprit." Diabetes pathology is insufficient insulin secretion or relative shortage. In addition to the amount of insulin secreted by the endocrine hormone and blood sugar regulation and other factors, but also directly affected by the autonomic nervous function. When people are in stress, anxiety, fear or terror and other emotions, the sympathetic nervous excitement, will direct inhibition of insulin secretion, while sympathetic but also promote increased secretion of adrenaline, but also indirectly inhibit the secretion of insulin.

If this long-standing bad feelings, it may lead to occurrence of pancreatic β cell function disorder, a tendency to make insufficient insulin secretion was eventually fixed, leading to diabetes. It must be explained, not all the bad feelings induced by diabetes, poor emotional factors on insulin secretion, more pronounced in the elderly. Furthermore, not ordinary bad mood can lead to diabetes, and only repeated this sentiment, lasting effect on the body will it be possible to induce diabetes. With diabetes should maintain emotional stability, optimism, open-minded, do not worry about the outcome, the appropriate emotions, to reduce delusions and agitation. Modern medical research shows that all the worry, sadness, worry, anxiety and other adverse stimuli and mental stress, fatigue can increase blood sugar. Therefore, as far as possible to keep cheerful temperament, emotional stability, to avoid the exultation and anger, which is an important factor to ensure blood sugar stability.

Gene Chaileyidian

80s of last century before the onset of diabetes in China was only 0.3%, which may now have a conservative estimate of 5%, although the reform and opening up to improve the living conditions. But in recent years the incidence rate increased more than tenfold 显然 conditions improved with life not fully explain, therefore, put forward in recent years, a gene receptor international doctrine that insulin Chan Sheng and play Zuoyong yes the premise of ensuring the normal blood sugar, most 2 diabetes mellitus insulin production is no problem that islet function is not bad, mainly the number and quality of the insulin receptor defect, leading to insulin can not be fully effective Erzhi hyperglycemia. Some scholars believe that Chinese people are now such a high incidence of diabetes and our fathers in the fifties and sixties of last century have enough to eat, leading to degradation of insulin receptor gene, and thus transmitted to their children about islet dysfunction.

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