Friday, July 9, 2010

The four causes the young diabetic

More and more young people joined the ranks of diabetes, the diabetic younger because, currently, social pressure, social occasions, young people, bad habits, etc ... To sum up, mainly four reasons for making diabetes The average age of more and more.

Socialize more easily with high blood sugar

Mr. Zhao, 35, the backbone of the advertising company's business, results of mid-rise, he missed entertaining clients and friends. Each dinner is a lavish meals and more, Buzuibugui. Recently, Mr. Zhao's body found itself has been changed: thirst, often feeling hungry, people are losing weight, to the hospital, the doctors said he suffered from diabetes.

Most of the young "family entertainment" eat more, sit more, move less, plus the usual pay no attention to diet, eating and drinking, easily lead to excess nutrients, promote insulin every day overwork. Over time, insulin overload, resulting in the normal control of blood sugar can result in the "family entertainment" in the diabetic patients increased significantly. Especially those potbellied men, more likely to be diabetic, "Staring."

Experts advise, "family entertainment" in the entertainment, it can start eating vegetables and staple foods, fasting should not eat high-sugar or too greasy food, not overeating, avoid the accumulation of excessive heat, the body fat. Also, pay attention to nutritional balance, eating high-fiber foods such as vegetables, fruits, increase exercise, adhere to regular health checks, people with diabetes or abnormal glucose metabolism in people, but also regular blood glucose monitoring.

Have diabetes and depression-related white-collar

Miss Lo, 35, suffers from diabetes, with a long period of high intensity work environment, so that she suffered from mild depression. All along, she was in addition to receiving treatment for diabetes, but also long-term use of antidepressants. In fact, similar to the Miss Lo is not uncommon for such cases. Aged 30 to 40-year-old white-collar workers, also present with depression, diabetes, frequent trend.

A foreign Statistics show that depression is a normal risk of diabetes 1 times. Although no national statistics, but some clinicians confirm the age of 30 to 40-year-old diabetic white collar accompanied by a lot of depression. Depression and diabetes, and white-collar state of prolonged anxiety of life are inseparable.

Fast pace of modern life and high-intensity work, to force white-collar work under tremendous pressure during the day, the evening had to stay up late, get enough rest, so long in the vast majority of white-collar "nervous tension" state, the psychological pressure is very great. Expert explained, prompted the emotional stress and anxiety in human long-term stress, in vivo secretion in a "stress hormone", so blood sugar, over time, lead to diabetes produce. In addition, long-term living in a state of anxiety, easily induced depression.

Diabetes is more "popular" who do not eat staple food

Miss Wong was diagnosed with diabetes hospital. Doctors learned that as many artists claim to be the skinny from the "ate only meat, do not eat" diet. Therefore, the slightly plump Miss Lin will follow from the idea, not only will remove the daily diet of rice, even foods with high starch content of all shut. But six months later, Ms. Lin has not only successfully transformed into a "Gu Ganmei people", but because of the long-term poor diet, suffering from diabetes.

Experts remind that "ate only meat, not eating," not only can not slim down, they will damage the health. Dishes in the oils and protein intake is high, perhaps even more than rice starch calories, so "ate only meat, do not eat" may lead to excessive caloric intake.

Studies have shown that 1 gram of oil, with about 9 calories; 1 gram of protein, some with 4 calories; In contrast, a meal in Komi, also contain only 4 calories. Therefore, "ate only meat, do not eat" diet will lead to more CPC, protein and more calories jump, risk of diabetes.

Experts suggest that the key to preventing diabetes control fat and protein intake. A 60 kg person eating an egg a day and a half two meat is enough, should not have lavish meals.

"10 peanuts," equal to "half of two rice"

Miss Liu likes watching TV while you enjoy snacks, each sat before the television, do not forget to put a bag of snacks while watching television, while his mouth to "force" something to eat. Over time, the original lean, she gradually began to gain weight, routine physical examination in this year, Wang was surprised to find that they have been found "abnormal glucose metabolism."

Young people prefer snack "snacks" habit, is suffering from diabetes or abnormal glucose metabolism of a large hidden. Experts pointed out that, like melon seeds, walnuts, peanuts, dried fruit and plum, etc., over eat, eat only fixed, its high-calorie, high salt, etc., may be the incentive for diabetes. Some people do not think that high-calorie snack, in fact, "10 peanuts" equivalent to "two and a half of rice." Who regularly eat these snacks can easily lead to human obesity. Not only that, a lot of salty snacks, contained a high salt content.

Experts advise that 50% of the Hospital for treatment of diabetic complications, it is not never expect their own have diabetes. Even though many have been diagnosed with diabetes, screening for chronic complications have never done, or even have no idea what diabetes can cause eye, kidney, nerves, large blood vessel complications. Therefore, when the doctor came, often too late to treat. Therefore, regular monitoring of blood glucose is necessary, particularly at high risk for diabetes, blood glucose should always pay attention to timely treatment.

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