Friday, July 9, 2010

Glycemic control do not fall into 4 major errors

Recently, in the hospital are held from time to time "to teach diabetic patients Figure Dialogue Project." This is a special instructor with the patient in a "Figure dialogue" is a technique used to help diabetic patients to enhance self-management of a new education model, to easily participate in diabetes Figure as long as the dialogue, we can learn

Understanding and knowledge of diabetes, and found in the full exchange of questions and draw conclusions, and ultimately implement the behavioral change, effective control of diabetes.

According to Professor Guo Xiaohui, director of the Hospital of Endocrinology introduction, previous diabetes education models are mostly one-way spoon-feeding methods, such as organizing health talks, pamphlets and other grant knowledge. Although the broad audience, but the results are unsatisfactory. The "Figure dialogue" tool appears and allows the staff interact with patients. Medical Association, diabetes care and diabetes education credits will be deputy director of Building green is "Figure dialogue" one counselor, she's Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital in Hangzhou, "Diabetes Figure words," found that there are so many " know the elements ", though that diet therapy is an important means of controlling blood sugar, insulin that need smaller meals to reduce the burden of control of the disease development, but lowering blood sugar in diabetic there are still a lot of misunderstanding.

Myth # 1 There are a lot of people that "can lower blood sugar pumpkin"

"In Figure spoke, I really did not think there are many diabetic patients to eat pumpkin as a good way to lower blood sugar." Building green "This is a great mistake." A few years ago, major media have reported: pumpkin glycemic index of 75, according to the amount of sugar, 55 if the generated index below basic diabetes can eat. If 55-75, should control the consumption, a high index of 75 or more food, more food should be minimal. In the clinical part of the patient, she found, as had fresh pumpkin, not only failed to lower blood sugar, but the face and the phenomenon of skin stained yellow, and even blood sugar.

Mistakes 2 sugar moon cake, sugar-free cookies is not afraid to eat more

Sugar-free foods will mean "help control blood sugar" or "low calorie" it? Not be more wrong. In fact, this sugar-free food moon cake is done, a moon cake may be arrived in a meal of sugar. A food can raise blood sugar quickly, and there is no absolute relationship between them is sugar, the key is its nutrient composition and dietary fiber characteristics. Sugar-free snacks, biscuits, like a starch and fat. These are high-calorie food, eat it still make people gain weight. Therefore, the concern over the health of consumers or not to rely on sugar-free products, should eat more beans, dairy products, grains, vegetables and their control of blood glucose and body weight best.

Myth # 3 Chi Guazi, peanuts, walnuts, sugar will not rise

The reason why love Chi Guazai diabetes, peanuts, walnuts, green floor to hear the answer is: Let them eat snacks, both to reduce hunger, but also to protect one of the means adequate nutrition. In fact, eating these foods have a lot of requests. Because walnuts contain more oil, it should be a corresponding reduction in the fat meal intake. However, eat peanuts, melon seeds is not allowed? These foods not only yangkeng, little sugar, little impact on blood sugar, contain fat is saturated fatty acids, should be able to easily eat, right?

Some truth in this view, it is still not fully and correctly. Peanuts and melon seeds does a lot of advantages, but they, after all, is rich in fatty acids of plant seeds, is a high calorie, high fat foods, such as peanuts, seeds and nuts contain more calories than the same weight even higher pork at times a large number of food is certainly not conducive to maintain body weight and blood lipid control, which indirectly affect blood glucose and blood pressure control. Therefore, the daily consumption of peanuts not more than 10 (8 grams), not more than 50 seeds (20 grams), or else, or will affect the treatment of diabetes.

Myth # 4 If a blood sugar test and found that high blood sugar, many patients first affirmative act to reduce appetite

In fact, this is very bad. "Because doctors Ye Hao, dieticians Ye Hao, you set an appetite, high blood sugar if you should not reduce the appetite, but the drug should be added, see a doctor." Building green said, "Some of the patients a to reduce high blood sugar rice, I encountered three patients clinical situation is such, eat more small meals, while increasing blood sugar, and finally got cancer, I can not say the cause of gastric cancer is to eat less, but eat less true Shang Wei. "

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