Thursday, July 8, 2010

Blood sugar control can stop medicine?

The answer to this question is not.

Many people with diabetes to make this mistake, but don't forget your blood sugar is normal in the drug help normally, so you a withdrawal glucose immediately to rebound, and this is the first rally more difficult time adjusting treatment. And everyday life situation of stress, such as blood will increase mood swings, insomnia, fever, overworked, etc can affect blood glucose, so must note glucose normal don't stop. Before we can to diagnose diabetes patients said, you can not take medicine, reasonable diet, exercise, blood sugar to normal can not take medicine. Now some overseas study proves that is in reasonable diet, exercise, under the premise of maintaining good blood glucose after a long time, so that islet function. So now, the view of newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes will in reasonable diet, exercise and medication, as soon as possible. Because of the medicine after eating choice space with bigger, can improve the quality of life of patients with diabetes, so early, medicine, insulin early may delay the occurrence and development of the complication.

At present, no cure diabetes. Using diet therapy, exercise therapy, oral medication, insulin and TCM therapy, can effectively control condition, but also cannot effect a radical cure diabetes. Those so-called can cure diabetes is not the panacea. Even some patients after proper treatment, clinical symptoms disappeared, sugar, NiaoTang normal, as normal person to work and Labour, if do not pay attention to take food does not control or not according to the requirement, physicians, still can appear hyperglycemia and NiaoTang. Therefore say, diabetes is permanent illness, treatment, even to insist for a long time to get ideal condition, we must adhere to control diet and exercise therapy, medicine, and regularly check to the hospital.

If blood glucose control, no long-term chronic high condition can lead to chronic complications, such as diabetes, heart disease, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, eye lower lesions, etc. Additionally, if in the short-term fluctuations in bad also rising. For example, a dramatic increase in blood sugar in the short term can lead to coma, is a potentially lethal. If blood sugar in a short time, low seere hypoglycemia, also can cause patients to occur, it is fatal hypoglycemic coma.

Diabetes is a touchstone diabetes treatment, or the mirror. Because we have diet, exercise therapy, and drugs to doctors and patients between closely, all these achievements are needed by long-term glucose self-monitoring to test. So, we hope all the patients with diabetes, and good blood glucose control keep proper treatment, don't think glucose down, disease is not.

To keep the awareness of diabetes, it is a may impair the health of the "tiger", a cage will have the opportunity to cut out to shut the cage does not relax.

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