Monday, July 12, 2010

Glycemic control is essential

This year's theme is "Protect your kidneys --- control diabetes."

Experts, the incidence of diabetes in China is increasing year by year, after 10 years You Sicheng diabetes patients will become diabetic nephropathy, and to protect their kidneys, blood glucose control is essential.

Status quo

Younger diabetic nephropathy

Experts say: "This morning there is a 60-year-old diabetic patients because of illness appears too low blood pressure, shock and death." It is reported that the name of the dead 15-year history of diabetes, but until a few days ago to check was found to be diabetic, and has led to kidney disease, and the emergence of proteinuria, serum albumin which is only 8g / l (normal value for the 35-55g / l).

Morning of 11, this diabetic patients squatting toilet collapsed, taken to the hospital because of illness too hard to save the lives of the end.

According to reports, nearly 5-10 years, caused by the diabetes incidence of diabetic nephropathy increased year after year, at least more than doubled. The expert opinion, the increase in diabetes in recent years to increase and improve the living Hou obese persons have same relation to the same time, diabetic nephropathy showed a younger onset age of Ye Xian Shi's trend, "Yiwangdoushi more than 50 years, and now many of Du Zhi You 30 - 40-year-old. "

Worrying is that diabetic patients have 3-4 percent in 10 years will become diabetic nephropathy, diabetic nephropathy probably about 10 years later developed into renal failure.


The key is to control blood sugar

Why does diabetic nephropathy? Kidney mainly by capillary regiment, and high blood sugar itself can damage blood vessels, to increase vascular permeability, blood filtering material and the formation of urine by the kidney, the damage the kidneys, causing diabetic nephropathy . "So, in order to protect their kidneys, diabetes prevention is the key control of blood glucose." Experts, once the diabetes into diabetic nephropathy, patients need not only good blood sugar control, but also good renal disease, if both not done, it will develop into uremia, can only rely on dialysis to sustain life.

Experts said it City People's Hospital dialysis patients is about 20% of patients with diabetic nephropathy. He said: "In diabetes, the process of transformation into a diabetic, there are some signs of disease is needed in patients with attention. As much foam in urine of people with diabetes, nocturnal enuresis and more physical characteristics of edema Dushi lesions, appear to be in a timely manner once the doctor."

Experts also cautioned that a clear grasp of urine to the physical condition of ordinary people the best routine annual inspections of urine, diabetes patients need 2-3 months to once in the event of proteinuria in renal physician to find timely advice. In the diet, diabetic nephropathy and other factors according to body weight control heat, do not Hexi Fan, do not drink sugar water, eating rice, flour, eat beans and other vegetable protein instead of animal protein intake. At the same time, but also pay attention to moderate exercise.

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