Thursday, July 8, 2010

Errors caused by poor blood sugar control sugar Friends

Although a considerable number of diabetic patients taking hypoglycemic drugs, but blood glucose control is not ideal, why not

(1) diet therapy is the basis of diabetes treatment, not for the initial issuance of high blood sugar (such as fasting blood glucose in 8mmol / L below) and type 2 diabetic patients without acute life-threatening complications, first of all be a diet about a month. Such as the control diet, no other special reason, decline or decrease blood sugar is still not satisfied, then considering the selection of antidiabetic drugs.

(2) Some patients do not control the food and service effects to drugs, or would like to serve and not hypoglycemic diet, this is very wrong, even dangerous. Because regardless of whether there is still some islet cell function, the onset of type 2 diabetes, high blood sugar reflects their insufficiency pancreatic islet cells secreting insulin, restricted diet aims to alleviate the burden of pancreatic islet B cells, so that these cells have a good rest to facilitate their functional recovery. This as suffering from acute hepatitis, gastroenteritis patients need rest and diet (including fasting) has done. Does not control the abuse of oral hypoglycemic diet, just as a sick horse is not moving car, was a set of weight gain (more consumption), and whipping (taking hypoglycemic agents), the result is not only not sick horse pull a cart, but to make a more serious illness or even completely buggered (pancreatic islet B cell dysfunction). Clinical practice has fully proved, not to good food that hurdle, oral hypoglycaemic agents often fail.

(3) not to regulate blood sugar levels according to dose. Medication to control high blood sugar. As the patient's blood sugar to rise to a certain extent, there will be more drinking, polyuria, polyphagia and weight loss and other so-called classic symptoms of diabetes, blood sugar is not too high. Such as fasting blood glucose below 13 mmol / L, most patients feel no discomfort (asymptomatic). However, in this state, the development of diabetic disease, can cause a variety of diabetic complications. Although many patients are not satisfied with blood sugar control, but no particular or obvious discomfort, and therefore not under the blood glucose level to regulate the dosage of hypoglycemic agents. From the psychological point of view, patients feel that they have to take drugs, have a sense of security, but in terms of the effect of medication, the patient's medication is void of effectiveness is the more unhappy. Some patients develop serious complications of diabetes due to hospitalization, but also wonder, why not serve a useful drug.

(4) neglect referral or check, do not value the effect of medication. Referral of patients to the hospital or check the few, very few indeed never observed the effect of his medication, does not regularly check your blood glucose, blood lipid and blood pressure, not pay attention to observe the factors that affect their blood glucose. Not pay attention to sum up their own medication rules, but others, and listen to a patient a drug that good and services a medicine, listen to B that B drug in patients with good and switched to drug B is not carefully observed, reviewed less frequently, irregular treatment, it is My diabetic patients with diabetes compared with some developed countries, patients with severe complications and a major cause serious.

(5) that all drugs are effective on their own. In fact, not all diabetic patients taking oral hypoglycemic agents are effective, easy to understand this in theory, but in practical work is often difficult for patients to accept. China even though a considerable number of diabetic patients taking oral hypoglycemic drugs ineffective or invalid, it is difficult to accept insulin therapy.

(6) frequent replacement drugs. Some sulfonylurea drugs in the body have gradually with time the process of enhancing drugs. Some patients do not understand this, often taking days or 10 days, see the blood sugar, urine sugar down satisfied, that is eager to change dressings, or that the medication ineffective. In fact, some hypoglycemic agents services to half a month or even a month when the maximum hypoglycemic effect. (7) on the combination. Each has a maximum effective dose of hypoglycemic agents. The most effective dose is not used (except with drug reaction), do not easily believe that some drugs ineffective.

Taking a more rational method: According to blood glucose gradually adjust the dose of hypoglycemic agent services, services to the maximum effective dose of the drug, blood glucose control are not satisfied to be combined with other drugs in a timely manner. But not by applying two similar drugs, such as gliclazide glipizide combined. Almost all drugs have the trade name and chemical name, such as glibenclamide, also known as glibenclamide, gliclazide also called Gliclazide. Many patients not clear, with the right. Proposed to adjust the treatment of patients to consult a doctor, not given a free hand.

(8) antidiabetic drugs more expensive the better. Drug prices is not proportional to its efficacy. Should not think that the price effects of hypoglycemic agents he sent a low, prices high is good medicine. We should not say that this drug must be better than what kind of drug is good, but should be scientific to say which is more suitable for what hypoglycemic agents in diabetic patients. A patient on effective drug is also effective in patients not on B, sometimes B were ineffective or even harmful. Specificity for each patient and choose the most suitable for his drugs, which is a basic principle of rational use of drugs.

(9) one-sided pursuit of specific drugs. Blind pursuit of a considerable number of patients to "go to the root cause of diabetes," the so-called cure for some even in the treatment of certain measures taken for good control of blood glucose has been the case, would rather stop at this stage and effective treatment measures, try to find the so-called energy package cure all diseases, or to the root cause of the "panacea." Some believe that western medicine can only be symptomatic, while the Chinese can go to the root. Some of the side letter qigong remedies. As everyone knows, is now used, including diet, exercise and drug combination therapy of diabetes and diabetic human beings to fight the practice of summary and wisdom, is the result proved the world is indeed effective.

(10) refuse drug treatment. Some were one-sided that all drugs have side effects, refused necessary medical treatment. Some believe that the medication over time, it will bring damage to the liver and kidney function. In fact, the clinical use of hypoglycemic agents, as required in the Pharmacopoeia of the dose range, safety, side effects found only in individual patients. In general, such side effects disappear after stopping the drug will not result in serious consequences to the human body. We can not because the percentage of patients may have side effects and suffer in silence. High blood sugar is not under control and possible side effects of taking drugs compared to the consequences of the former is much more serious. High blood sugar can cause certain complications, particularly high blood sugar can be directly deadly. Very low incidence of side effects, and can be avoided, disappeared after drug withdrawal.

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