Monday, July 12, 2010

Diabetes couples "who" of over?

With the trend of diabetes in the younger age, the couple also have diabetes or the phenomenon is becoming a new family health problems. Experts remind that a common bad habits is a "husband and wife diabetes," the main cause of diabetes although it is not infected with the patients should be alert to couples, families with patients.

In recent years, the phenomenon of couples with diabetes increasing year by year, and couples getting younger and younger patients. With diabetes over the past couple relatively rare phenomenon, even though there are also older couples, but in recent years, "the couple diabetic" patients, especially young couples and an increasing trend. Lead to "couples diabetes," the main reason is that they share a common bad habits, daily living in the same environment, eat, drink, activities, almost the same life-styles, such as frequent consumption of poor diet and high fat, high-calorie food, etc. .

At the same time, many busy young couples of convenience, often eat fried fast food and convenience snacks. These are not laws of common fast-paced work life and a lot of young people busy and exercise less, combined with staying up late, eat too much and work pressure, the young husband and wife accumulated factors for diabetes susceptibility.

Experts suggest that to prevent couples and families diabetes mellitus, people should try to look for opportunities to increase physical activity. As far as possible in the diet health balanced diet, excessive intake of staple food should not be eating high protein, high fiber foods and fruits and vegetables Eat less carbonated drinks, fried food.

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