Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How to control blood sugar increase

Diabetes has become a hazard to human health is one of the three diseases, extremely harmful to human health. Diabetes is due to inadequate secretion of human insulin or insulin-producing cells caused defects in metabolism of glucose, protein and lipid metabolism in the quality of a syndrome, high blood sugar as the main clinical sign. In people's living standards are improving the occasion, all the food on the table certainly abundant than usual, unconsciously on the carbohydrates (sugars), protein, fat, carbohydrate intake will increase, resulting in blood sugar rise high.

How to avoid blood sugar too high? In addition to develop good habits, proper work and rest, eating sparingly, drink less, smoke less, the modern medical research also found that taking propolis can control blood sugar. Direct effect of propolis on diabetes is mainly:

1, the rich propolis flavonoids, terpenes and other active component (such as catalpol pterostilbene) alone or work together with significant decrease of blood sugar, but has no effect on normal blood sugar.

2 diabetes is most often associated with high blood lipids. Abundant flavonoids in propolis have a good role in regulating blood lipids, improve blood circulation, anti-oxidation, protection of vascular function, and could well prevent the emergence of diabetes syndrome.

3, propolis flavonoids can play a role in activation of cells for tissue regeneration, on the occurrence of pathological cells and tissues to treat and repair, could mutate to repair the insulin cells.

4, diabetics often have a variety of inflammation and complications. Terpenes Propolis ingredients have good antibacterial, anti-inflammatory effect, greatly reduce and avoid complications.

In addition, propolis also enhance immunity and significantly improve the efficacy and restore physical function, diabetes played a very good adjuvant effect. Therefore, propolis is ideal for controlling blood sugar.

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