Thursday, July 8, 2010

Old blood glucose control standards should be relaxed

Blood glucose control is exquisite ", namely, fasting glucose 5678 "pekoe Moore/litre than 5.6 in two hours after the meal, blood glucose don't exceed 7.8 Moore/litre.

People respond to slow nerve, "unaware of hypoglycemia," which has been very low blood sugar, palpitation, but no sweat wait for a symptom, may directly cause hypoglycemic coma. If the elderly patients with diabetes, a seere hypoglycemia may be offset by his lifetime to control blood sugar. Therefore, at the age of 60-70 for elderly patients, if the body condition is good, no risk of hypoglycaemia, also do not have apparent size ascular complications, should try to be close to normal index, namely to control their hemoglobin a1c less or equal to 6.5 per cent, fasting glucose mmol/l less than or equal to 6.2, postprandial glucose in two hours 8mmol/l. At the age of 70 years old, even if new patients in good health, and no complications, nor should strengthen hypoglycemic. If accompanied by cerebrovascular disease, or frequently hypoglycemia, cannot bear the risk of hypoglycaemia strengthening hypoglycemic cause, the above three indexes 7% to 7.5%, 7 ~ 9 Moore/litre and 8-11 Moore/l. If appear serious cerebrovascular and kidney damage and glycated hemoglobin, fasting blood sugar and blood glucose after two hours, 9 Moore / 9% rise, 15 Moore/litre.

High blood glucose can reduce their own immunity, hyperglycemia directly affect the postoperative wound healing, diabetic patients to accept the emergency surgery in the preoperative blood, must to normal. Illness lighter, through diet or oral medication use that can control the illness, preoperative will limit in fasting glucose, 7 Moore/liter postprandial glucose in 8.3 Moore/litre. The heavier conditions to oral glucose-lowering treatment, or merge visceral injury, should use short-acting before 3 days before fasting glucose, insulin should be in 7.2 ~ 8.9 Moore/litre.

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